This is the Fanon Path based on the Paths for the TI 2017

List of Paths Edit

Path to Navigator Edit

  • Master Mage: Win 1/3/5 games as Intelligence hero
  • Chase's Net= Root 10/20/30 Enemy heroes
  • Apollo's Bet= Get 2/4/6 assist or kills on enemy heroes while they are under effect of your stun
  • Under Spell= Hex the Enemy hero at least 10/20/30 seconds.
  • Mayor Humdinger's Scheme= Earn 4000/8000/10000 Gold for your team
  • Sweetie's Backstab!= Stun 2/4/6 enemies after using your Blink Dagger
  • Purge!= Deal 2000/4000/6000 + Pure Damage on Enemy heroes.
  • Fievel's Magic Heal= Get 3/4/5 allies healed at once using Mekansm 3/6/9 times
  • Treasure Challenge: Radiant's Mage= Hit 20/30/40 times using your weapon and deal damage using Fireblast or Ignite 20/30/40 times
  • Quest Reward: Ogre Magi= Shorline Sappers

Path to Wave Breaker Edit

  • Mermaid Rescuer- Win 1/3/5 games as Agility hero
  • Melee Master= Win 1/3/5 games as Strength hero
  • All ears and Gears= Have no more than 1/3/5 deaths until the end of the Game
  • Board Break= Bash the enemy hero 12/25/36 Times
  • Skye's the Kill= Kill a single enemy 2/3/4 times
  • Siege by the Mousekewitz= Get 3/6/9 kills or assist on heroes under tower's Defense
  • Rapid Zuma's Tackle= Consume the Moon Shard to yourself or allies 2/4/6 times
  • Diego's Critic= Deal 2000/4000/6000 Critical Damage
  • Oxygen Charge= Get 15/20/25 charges on a bloodstone
  • Cowboy Fievel= Get a kill or assist on 2/4/6 enemy heroes after using the Black king Bar
  • Highworth Gold= get 7500/10000/125000 net worth by 25:00
  • Treasure Challenge: Lunar Overwatch= Eliminate 20/30/40 enemy heroes using lucent beam, kill 10/20/30 creeps in less than 30 minutes.
  • Quest Reward: Luna= Dora's Mermaid Forger

Team Path: Path to Rising Tide Edit

  • Rapid Siege- Destroy 2/3/4 towers before your team loses one
  • Split Blasters- Destroy 2 towers 90/60/30 seconds before it reaches 30 minutes
  • Team Heal- Achieve 10000/150000/20000 healing points with your team
  • Fievel Holdup- Disable enemy heroes for 250/350/450 seconds before the timer reaches 30 minutes
  • Top Assist man- Get 25/35/45 assists as a team before the timer reach 25:00
  • Quiet as a mouse- Smoke and kill at least 1/2/3 enemies with 2 teammates
  • Maribel and Diego's Battle Cup- Win 1/2/3 Battle Cup
  • Ryder, Skye and Zuma: First Destroyers!= Get First Blood, First Enemy Tower Fall, First Roshan Kill
  • Rapid Killing- Get 10/12/14 team kills before 15:00
  • Ah, Crits!- Deal 20,000/40,000/60,000 + damage to the enemy heroes with your team
  • Powers of Us!- Be affected under 6/9/12 auras present in your team
  • Paw Patrol Runes- Bottle or consume 20/40/60 runes with your team before 30:00
  • Ryder's Mission PAW= Win 1/2/3 Captains mode game
  • Quest Reward: Slardar- Spines of the Guardian of the Dark Reef

Path of the Saltworm Mariner Edit

  • Swashbuckling Sabre- Deal 2000/4000/6000 damage and kill 30/50/80 enemies using TIDEBRINGER
  • Marshall!= Get a kill or assist after using X MARKS THE SPOT on enemies 4/8/12 times
  • Ghosts....= Purchase Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade and deal 1500/3000/4500 damage after using the items
  • The Flounder- Buff your allies using the GHOSTSHIP in 60/90/120 seconds
  • Pirate Blackfur's Ghostship- Purchase the Aghanims Scepter and use GHOSTSHIP on 4/8/12 enemies
  • Rocky and Rubble= Hit 2-5 Enemies using TORRENT 2/4/6 times
  • MerPup Combo- Perform Skill 3,1,4 Combo on an Enemy hero 2/4/6 times as KUNKKA
  • Quest Reward: Kunkka: Zuma and Ryder's Mission Mariner.

Fanon Path: Path to the Sea Patrol Edit