This is a Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia. Inspired SNIPER Skin

About Edit

Lore Edit

After his rescue of his Grandparents and days after that Incident. he kept his Elementalian Armor and His Magical Slingshot. and suddenly he sees a Rifle made out of Wood and the tree stump and a cape of Yellow and Blue. he takes it and modified from using his Slingshot like a scope on a Rifle. he harnessed the skill and become the Elementalian's best Marksman

Parts Edit

  • Weapon- Slingshot Scoper
  • Head- Bubuy's Hair and Blue Goggles
  • Shoulder- Elementalian Pauldrons
  • Body- Bubuy's Yellow Shirt and Armor.
  • Back- Bubuy's Yellow and Blue Cape and Backpack