Buildings are special units that are immune to most spells, use Structure Armor, and are immobile. Destroying a building rewards you with a bounty, similar to most Creeps or Heroes. Destroying towers rewards the entire team. Buildings are divided into several categories, each with their own role.

Types Edit

Towers Edit

Towers are defensive structures in the lanes. It has 3 towers in the lanes and 2 towers guard at the Ancients. you need to destroy the towers to advance towards the base.

Faction towers Edit

  1. Radiant=Lookout Towers
  2. Dire=Musical Blaster Turrets

Ancients Edit

Main objectives of DOTA they were located near outside the fountain

The Ancients Edit

  1. Radiant=Get by World
  2. Dire=Get By World
World Type Edit
  1. NeverLand= Pirate Hideout of the Pirates & Hook's Castle
  2. Default= World Tree and the Fire Shrine
  3. Care-A-Lot= LightHouse & No Heart's Castle
  4. Einstein Base= Rocket Hangar & Conquerors Tree

Barracks Edit

Barracks where the creeps spawn located behind the tier 3 tower.

Faction Building Edit