This is the Third Cartoon Set Based on Dota 2 Arcanas

Sets Edit

Paw Patrol Edit

  • Lina- Curse of the Burning Chalice
  • Legion Commander-Paw Patrol's Dueling Sabres
  • Shadow Fiend-Demon Swapper
  • Techies-Rider of the Daredevil
  • Phantom Assassin-Ghost of Adventure Bay
  • Zeus-King of the ThunderKerg
  • Crystal Maiden-Frost Princess
  • Monkey King-Necklace of the Monkey Queen
  • Juggernaut-Barkingburg Sabre
  • Io= Falling Star

Care Bears Edit

  • Lina-Caring Heart
  • Legion Commander- Armor of the Caring Phalanx
  • Shadow Fiend-No Heart's Shadow Cape
  • Techies-Blow-Up Badger
  • Phantom Assassin-Stealth Assassin's Crossguards
  • Zeus-Head gear of the Caring Thunder
  • Crystal Maiden-Madame Freeze-a-lot
  • Monkey King-Beastly Ragista
  • Juggernaut-Brave Heart's Crown
  • Io= Starbuddy Io

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Edit

  • Lina-Fire Crucible
  • Legion Commander-Sabres of the Pirate Captains
  • Shadow Fiend-Crown of the Wraith
  • Techies-Explosionist
  • Phantom Assassin-Madame Beatrice Le Beak
  • Zeus-Crown of the Thunder Kingdom
  • Crystal Maiden-Patch's Babysitter
  • Monkey King-King Zongo
  • Juggernaut-Blademaster's Legacy
  • Io= Tinkerbell's Ball

PJ Masks Edit

  • Lina-Owlette's Fire Wings
  • Legion Commander-Arcane Blades of Voth Domosh
  • Shadow Fiend-Desolated Soul Collecter
  • Techies-
  • Phantom Assassin-
  • Zeus
  • Crystal Maiden
  • Monkey King-
  • Juggernaut=
  • Io=