Jake The Admiral was a Strength hero of the Radiant.



A young pirate of the Pirate Island. Led a small team in Neverland. Armed with the Wooden Sword that attacks with flame, ice and normal. when it comes to battle he needs protect what precious it is.

Skill set Edit

  1. Fire Slash
  2. Sword Strength
  3. Ice Slash
  4. Captain Promotion

Heroes can Collaborate Edit

  1. Jake and Cubby- Corp Snipe
  2. Jake, Izzy, Cubby- Peter's Pirate Combo
  3. Kunkka, Tusk, Sand King, Earthshaker, Phatom Assasin- League of Dota 2


Mighty Captain's Sword Edit

Lore: Edit

When he leads the League of NeverSea Captains. The Sword Brings other abilities from heat bullets to invisibility like Ezalor's. Nobody can Withstand the power.

Sub Skill Set: Edit
  1. Illuminate
  2. Heat Blade
  3. Chakra Gain
  4. Ghost Form= Phantom Strike, Recall