The Mcstuffins, neverland and Musketeers path was a fan path in preparations for the arriving winter

About Edit

Three Disney paths encounters at a spark and it was spread for the preparations in winter

Paths Edit

Mcstuffin's Doctorate Path Edit

  1. Checkup time= Heal 500/600/1000 to you ally using a healing salve thrice
  2. Bronty Smackdown= Stun and get 350 damage as Centaur Warrunner
  3. A call from the white house= Get radiance before the timer reaches 41:00/46:00/55:00
  4. Lammy, Stuffy and Doc=Win a teamfight as Crystal Maiden, Vengful Spirit, Skywrath Mage
  5. Arcana Challenge: Duelist= Get 100 damage by Duel

Musketeer Path Edit

  1. Three Musketeers!= As Sniper purchase desolator before the timer reaches 30:00/40:00/45:00
  2. Princess of the Moon= Win a match as Mirana
  3. Royal Knighthood= Win a match as Dragon Knight
  4. Princess is Rescued= Win kill an enemy royalty twice
  5. Arcana Challenge: Rampage!= Get a rampage in a match as lifestealer or Beatrice

Pirate Arcanery Edit

  1. A helping hand= reach 21 assists in a match
  2. Disabling kill= Purchase Scythe of Vyse and kill at least 1 enemy while he was an animal
  3. Focus Fire= Focus at least 3 enemies while at a team fight
  4. Headshot!= Get an assist for Cubby
  5. Arcana Challenge: Moon Shard wolf= Purchase moon shard before the timer reaches 35:00/40:00/45:00 as Lycan

Multi TaskerEdit

  1. Musketeer, Buccaneer assist kill!= Get 28 assist
  2. Triple Charge- As Lifestealer or Spirit Breaker get a triple kill 3/6/7 times
  3. Lamb Slaughterer!= wipe out at least 3/6/12 creep waves.
  4. Assassin Spotted= Spot an invisible enemy and kill it as Lord Fathom
  5. Healing up= Heal all your allies as Chen
  6. Sacred Warrior is Dominating!- Get a dominating as Huskar
  7. Go Stuffed!- Root an enemy and kill it.
  8. Toy Hospital Defended- Win a match as Radiant