This is the Battlepack inspired by the Paw Patrol's Mission Paw

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When the Dire managed to invade Barkingburg. 10 Brave Heroes are now ready to Defend the Kingdom and its now involved in the war of the ancients. The Paw Patrol and their allies are now ready to save the world.

Item Sets Edit

  • Ryder the Skywrath Mage-Mission Paw Avernus
  • Marshall the Holy knight-Deserted Missionary
  • Skye the Vengful Spirit-Screeauk's Wings and Talon
  • Chase the Lycan-Shapeshifted Police Wolf
  • Rubble the Earthshaker-Enchanted Shovel
  • Rocky the Earth Spirit-Jade Staff of Barkingburg
  • Zuma the Admiral-Lifeguardian of the Claddish Navy
  • Sweetie the Legion Commander-The Queen of Stonehall
  • The Earl of Barkingburg, Wraith King- Skull Warrior of Barkingburg
  • The Princess of Barkingburg, Priestess of the Moon-Priestess of the Sundered moon