This is the New Achievement Path for Pup Pack Rescue.

Description Edit

The Paw Patrol is on the Roll. Lead the Pups to Victory as the Carry, Support or All around.

Paths Edit

Commandeering Carry Edit

  1. Team Leader- Get an overall leading kill at least 1 game
  2. Farming rush!- Purchase battlefury before the timer reach 30:00/40:00
  3. You are Warded!- Spot at least 4 enemies using an observer ward.
  4. Double Duty- Switch your role from support to Carry
  5. Challenge: Rocky, Rocky, die!= Get a double kill at at least 2 teamfights

Backup Responders or Support Edit

  1. Over Warded- Buy at least 17 observer wards
  2. Winch Up-
  3. Medic here- Purchase Mekanism before timer reaches 30:00/35:00/40:00
  4. Transition- Play a support hero and role as carry
  5. Challenge: Fear not, the Pups are here.- As omniknight Purchase guardian Greaves.

A mission for yourself Edit

  1. Fly, Fly Eject- Kill at least 5 enemies as Gyrocopter, Jakiro or Viper
  2. Submerge and Die!- As Morphling get a rampage
  3. Evasive Moves!- escape at least 5 teamfight in low life.
  4. Low on Air!- kill at least 2 opponents while your low on mana
  5. Wally Spinner- Kill an enemy using Walrus Punch
  6. Le French Attacker- Win a match as Storm Spirit
  7. Monkey madness is over!- Kill Monkey king while his ultimate is casting 3 times
  8. Pup Challenge: Anchor is Stuck- Kill at least 5 enemies as tidehunter
  9. Pup Challenge:Chase the Charge and kill!- Win at least 5 matches as Spirit Breaker
  10. Arcanery Pup Challenge: Frosty!- Win at least 5 match as Lich, Crystal Maiden or Tusk

Watery Veteran Edit

  1. Ready, Set, Get Wet!= Win a match as Morphling, Kunkka and Tidehunter
  2. Supreme Support- Win 5 games as Support
  3. Carry-Support= Use Spirit Breaker, Purchase Urn of Shadows and Heal at least 3 allies.
  4. Shrine destroyer= Destroy the 10 enemy shrine without help from your teammates.