This is a Ultimate Rescue Mighty Pup Dota inspired items

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3 Days after a meteor crashed the Paw Patrol and managed to sealed the meteor in a secret room. Ryder noticed the Pups that they kept their powers. Chase goes back inside along with Everest and noticed a Glowing Chest with an Alliance Emblem on it. Ryder opened it and their attire are now transforming into their new battle attire with their powers enhances their attire. Adventure bay has warriors to fight for what's right.


  • Ryder-Arthas the PaladinKnight
    • Ryder receives a power from the alliance and bestowed a power of a paladin then Ryder opens his eyes and noticed he wears a Blue Paladin arrow and a red scarlet Hammer.
  • Chase-The Flashing Spirit Breaker
    • Chase receives a power and begins glow and his power of speed enhancing. emits a lightning charge and bashes with a lightning paw
  • Marshall-Ember Spirit The Flaming Wanderer
    • Marshall noticed that a power begins to heat up and noticed he wears a fire armor bearing a Fire symbol.
  • Skye-Sylvanas Windrunner The Cold Archer
    • Skye's aura turns to light pink as she unleashes her Tornado her enemies turned as cold as ice with a cannon launcher that shoots icy projectiles and her goggles to precise the target to hit it.
  • Rocky-Malfurion the Glowing Specialist
    • Rocky's glowing power from his paw and then as he walk by the forest he somehow managed to summon treants. with this mighty power of nature and the treants from his side. a nature command to assault the ancient rises and charge
  • Rubble-Raigor Bloodhoof's enchanted Totem
    • rubble's Strength managed to multiply as he gets a magical totem from the chest and some pauldrons on his sides and now. Rubble can shatter the earth in the bound against his enemies
  • Zuma-Daelin Proudmoore's Sabre
    • Zuma managed to get something from the Chest. The Runic blade from the Kul Tiran's Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. and used the blade to send water waves to make the large cleave
  • Everest-Jaina the Frosty Maiden of the Icewark Castle
    • Everest's Ice powers managed to send some cold wind in her attire. transfomer her from a superhero to a majestic maiden