This is the Fanon Adaptation for the Treasures of the TI: 2017

Sets Edit

Treasure 1 Edit

  1. Bristleback= Nostril of the Demonic Pigs
  2. Monkey King=Staff of the Naval Marshall
  3. Clinkz=Ashes of the Cinderclouds
  4. Sniper=Marksman's Track
  5. Crystal Maiden=Iceforge Mantle
  6. Lifestealer=Helm of the Iron Demon
  7. Broodmother=Lyconsides Favor
  8. Slark=Bride of the Sea Monsters

Treasure 2 Edit

  1. Chaos Knight=Shield of the Apocalypse
  2. Treant Protector=Rocky's Leaf Generator
  3. Lina=Dragon's Skirt
  4. Pudge=Cloth of the Rotten Dead
  5. Elder Titan=Armor of the Mad Moon
  6. Bloodseeker= Maw of Eskahorate
  7. Keeper of the Light=Herc's Pegasus
  8. Necrophos=Staff of the Vassal Demon

Treasure 3Edit

  1. Legion Commander=Helm of the Darkshires
  2. Viper=Darkness Drakes' hood
  3. Weaver=
  4. Spectre=
  5. Sand King=
  6. Winter Wyvern=

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